B+W XS-Pro Digital 010 UV-Haze-Filter MRC nano 37

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  • Farbneutrales Filterglas
  • Sperrt störende UV-Anteile des Tageslichts
  • Kein Verlängerungsfaktor
  • Made in Germany
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B+W XS-Pro Digital 010 UV-Haze-Filter MRC nano 37
B+W XS-Pro Digital 010 UV-Haze-Filter MRC nano 37

Lens Protectors

Active photography puts a great demand on both cameras and lenses. It makes sense therefore to use a B+W filter to protect your delicate front lens element against the elements such as blowing sand and dust, fingerprints and splashing water. B+W filters not only cost just a fraction of the price of a new lens but they are also easier to clean. They can remain in front of the lens permanently as they are absolutely color-neutral, highly transparent and, thanks to the B+W MRC coating or B+W MRC nano-coating, have an extremely low reflection. The optical information remains unaffected when it reaches the image sensor (or film). With these extremely clear and highly transparent B+W protection filters, no exposure compensation factor needs to be taken into account.

Protection filters play a particularly important role in digital photography. The larger depth of field resulting from smaller image sensors increases the effects on image quality from front lens soiling. Fingerprints, for instance, reduce sharpness significantly, particularly in the case of zoom lenses with a lower light intensity and frequent cleaning of the front lens can not only cause scratching, but also transport dirt particles or moisture at the edge of the mount to the inside of the lens system.

The classic amongst the B+W protection filters blocks the annoying UV component of daylight. Invisible UV light is more intense in pure sea air and in high mountain regions and can cause blurring and a blueish cast. The color-neutral B+W 010 UV haze filter is equally suitable for both analog and digital cameras. It ensures more brilliant images and can remain on the lens permanently as front lens protection.

• Color-neutral filter glass
• Blocks annoying UV components of daylight
• No multiplying factor
• Made in Germany

Precision with no Rough Edges

An important element in a perfect B+W filter is a high-precision filter mount. It must be easy to hold, easy to screw on and off the lens, and fit exactly. The filter glass is perfectly plane and is screwed securely in place. It fits without play and tension. B+W filter mounts are closely toleranced and have very small dimensions. Even with the standard F-Pro mount on wide-angle lenses, photos without vignetting are possible.

B+W XS-Pro Digital Mount
The Premium Line - a Filter Range for Exacting Requirements

The B+W Premium Line XS-Pro Digital is the filter range with an extremely slim filter mount. XS-Pro Digital is ideal for the demanding DSLR photographer with typical wide-angle zoom lenses starting from 12 mm focal length with APS-C and 18 mm focal length with 35 mm full frame. A number of filter diameters are available that include mirrorless camera systems also.
Despite the low profile height of 3.2 mm for screw-on filters and 4.2 mm for rotatable polarisers, (in each case without mount thread), this ring is equipped with a full front thread for additional B+W accessories such as a lens hood or snap-on lens cover (snap cap).

With the exception of the ND-Vario, B+W XS-Pro filter mounts are precision-made of brass. Brass is well known for being dimensionally stable and robust, which guarantees that filter mounting will remain smooth and easy over the long term. The filter glass rests in the brass mount without any movement or strain, and is therefore exactly plane, the optimum condition, which guarantees the maximum imaging performance. The matte black hard-chrome plating prevents any possible effects from reflections at the mount. All B+W XS-Pro Digital brass mounts have a full front thread for additional accessories.

High-performance Photographic Filters

Quality begins in front of the lens, and as is generally known, that is where the filter is. A filter must not restrict the performance of the photographic lens. An important criteria for a perfect B+W filter is a high-quality coating, also known as an antireflection coating. With a B+W filter, such layers are evaporated by means of thin-layer technique, a quite complex coating process. The coating material consists of special substrates that are applied in one or more layers depending on the coating system.

Nanotechnology with Lotus Effect

Both sides of the B+W MRC nano coated filters feature the same high-quality MC layer with 7 layers that is used in the MRC coating. This ensures high transmittance and maximum elimination of reflections by minimising reflection losses. Because the normal 4% reflection losses at the surface of the glass are reduced to an average of well below 0.5% with an MC layer, brighter colors and higher contrasts can be achieved.

The MRC nano outer layer is an innovative extra layer that significantly outperforms the dirt- and water-repellent effect of the well-known B+W MRC coating.

Thanks to the nanotechnology-based surface property (lotus effect), dirt can hardly adhere. Water experiences a very efficient beading effect and virtually rolls off the surface of the glass. Cleaning the filter is incredibly easy and fast. In addition, the superhydrophobic surface reduces fogging. After moving from cold to warm surroundings, the condensation disappears from the surface of the filter glass within seconds.
B+W XS-Pro Digital 010 UV-Haze-Filter MRC nano 37
B+W XS-Pro Digital 010 UV-Haze-Filter MRC nano 37
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B+W XS-Pro Digital 010 UV-Haze-Filter MRC nano 37
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B+W XS-Pro Digital 010 UV-Haze-Filter MRC nano 37

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B+W XS-Pro Digital 010 UV-Haze-Filter MRC nano 37

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