Manfrotto Digital Director voor iPad mini 4

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  • Remote control of camera parameters
  • Works with Canon and Nikon
  • Apple certified
€ 299,00
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Manfrotto Digital Director voor iPad mini 4

iPad mini 4 Digital Director by Manfrotto

Digital Director is the only Apple certified (MFi – Made for iPad Certification) electronic device that connects your camera and iPad to help manage the photo and video workflow, from setting your camera to sharing your pictures.

  • all the key shooting parameters can be controlled starting from different camera protocols
  • the video streaming between devices is smooth, consistent and presenting extremely low latency at the same time
  • the download of the high quality images into the iPad is very fast

Digital Director is the ideal companion for pro and enthusiast imagemakers who want to make their shooting workflow more effective and intuitive. Digital Director ensures a reliable USB cabled connection between camera and iPad, and through its dedicated App allows to monitor the shoot and control the camera settings. It works with Canon and Nikon DSLRs and iPad mini 4. Digital Director features a dedicated CPU (micro-processor ARM® Cortex®-A8) that together with its dedicated App, provides an interface between iPad and camera, which enables the iPad to understand and control the camera protocols.

The dedicated Digital Director App enables

• remote control of camera parameters
All the DSLR’s key parameters can be monitored and dynamically modified (Exposure, ISO, Shutter Speed, Aperture, Manual Focus, WB, Image Quality, Focus/Camera/Drive Modes).
• remote shooting via ipad retina display
Effective real time “Live View” monitoring through a certified cable connection. This ensures a stable connection between devices. Dynamic histogram and audio level display allows greater control when shooting.
• interactive focus & focus peaking
Interactive Focus can be used to select the focus point anyway on the screen together with the digital zoom that magnifies the selected focus point. The on screen focus peaking indicator ensure crisp accurate focus.
• download the images onto the ipad
Check all the details of the image shot by viewing the downloaded high resolution file. All the details of the image, such as focus and exposure can be checked using standard iPad «gestures».
• intuitive image adjustment
Make final adjustment to the image within the same app such as exposure, contrast, light, crop, rotate, check histogram and EXIF information and save the image.
• simple management of the shoot
Everything under control: from image ratings to “Job” organizing (albums, shoot profiles and connection profiles).
• content distribution
Multiple ways to share the images: - Direct to FTP
- By E-mail
- On social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) by simply moving the selected images in the iPad camera roll.

Manfrotto’s Digital Director is a ground-breaking product. Its capacity to provide real time monitoring assistance, superior efficiency post-production management and control of the photography and videography workflow is being met with strong market recognition and was recently acclaimed as the Most Innovative Product at NAB 2015.

Digital Director is supplied with AC adapter and plugs and 1mt USB cable.
The Digital Director App is included in the price and it’s downloadable from the Apple App Store.

Manfrotto Digital Director voor iPad mini 4
Mounting Method:     3/8'' universal mount
Battery life:     15 hours
battery type:     4 x AA
cable length:     1 m
Color:     black color
maximum working temperature:     40 °C
voltage:     5V DC
Weight:   0.290 kg
Manfrotto Digital Director voor iPad mini 4
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Manfrotto Digital Director voor iPad mini 4
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Manfrotto Digital Director voor iPad mini 4

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