Novoflex 3-Bein Statiefbase m. mutsje, Q-koppeling

van Novoflex | Artikel: NOVTRIOBALQ68 | Artnr. fabrikant: TRIOBAL=Q 6/8

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  • base unit
  • leveler
  • panorama panning base
€ 489,00
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Novoflex 3-Bein Statiefbase m. mutsje, Q-koppeling

Variable tripod system TrioPod-Base TRIOBALANCE=Q 6/8 by Novoflex

The 2014 launch of the NOVOFLEX variable tripod system Trio-Pod (world’s first modular tripod with interchangeable legs) caused a real sensation. Photographers worldwide were enthusiastic by the possibility to fit their tripod, on a modular conception basis, to their individual needs. With the new tripod base TrioBalance=Q 6/8 NOVOFLEX is now further enlarging the system and is offering yet another alternative to the two already existing tripod base units. The new tripod base is equipped with an integrated leveller which allows for an adjustability of 15° in all directions, a panorama panning base which permits indexing “on the fly” and a Q=MOUNT QR-unit which is ARCA-compatible.

The new tripod base TrioBalance=Q 6/8 is not only recommended for panoramic photographers but for all photographers who put the value on a particularly compact and space-saving tripod system. When using your camera with an L-bracket it can be coupled and turned rapidly from portrait to landscape. A horizontal, precisely aligned rotation thanks to the panorama panning base and the leveller is possible.

The modular design of the TrioPod/system with its ingenious base elements (TRIOPOD, TRIOBAL and now TRIOBAL=Q 6/8) can be easily and quickly equipped with different legs to turn it into a perfect tripod for any photographic job. Choices are sturdy legs made of ultralight carbon fiber or aluminum, each with 2 to 4 sections.
There are also walking sticks that can be used as a tripod leg and mini legs for the use as a super small travel tripod, table stand or macro tripod. All leg variants can be used as a monopod as well. The tripod legs (Type 2830, 2840, 2844) have a threaded stainless steel spike which, when unscrewed, permits the use of further system

With the TrioPod All-in-One system the photographer is perfectly prepared for any situation that may arise.
Novoflex 3-Bein Statiefbase m. mutsje, Q-koppeling
Weight: 668g/1.5 lbs
Order code: TRIOBAL=Q 6/8
Novoflex 3-Bein Statiefbase m. mutsje, Q-koppeling
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Novoflex 3-Bein Statiefbase m. mutsje, Q-koppeling
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Novoflex 3-Bein Statiefbase m. mutsje, Q-koppeling

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