Sigma C 150-600mm DG OS HSM for Sigma with TC-1401

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  • leichtes, funktionelles Zoom-Objektiv
  • hohe optische Leistung & Bildqualität
  • Farbfehlerminimierung
  • kompakte Bauweise
  • Staub- und Spritzwasserschutz
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Sigma C 150-600mm DG OS HSM for Sigma with TC-1401

Sigma 150-600/5,0-6,3 DG OS HSM Sigma - Contemporary -
with Tele Converter TC-1401

Class: Contemporary
Typical Photography: Travel, Nature & Wildlife, Sports & Action
  • First hyper-telephoto zoom from the Contemporary line
  • Lightweight and compact in construction for higher useability
  • Water and oil repellent coating on front glass element makes maintenance of the lens surface easier
  • Dust proof and splash proof mount
  • Filter Size: 95mm

The Sigma 150-600mm 5-6.3 DG HSM OS Contemporary was created around the concept of maximum portability meets utmost image quality in a variable aperture hyper-telephoto zoom lens. Light weight and compact, this s zoom can handle any long-reach photographic situation one may encounter. This 150-600mm Contemporary boasts updated Sigma technology such as a quiet and optimized Hyper Sonic Motor (HSM) and a new Optical Stabilizer (OS) with an accelerometer for improved panning photography both vertically and horizontally, essential for birding, wildlife and motor photography.

The Sigma 150-600 Contemporary also touts a new zoom lock switch that can be locked at any focal length and a new manual override (MO) switch is incorporated for improved focusing control. Working with the Sigma USB dock, this lens allows for maximum customization such as firmware updates and adjustments to the focus limiter, AF speed and OS view.

The SIGMA TELE CONVERTER is developed exclusively for the new lens lines. By mounting it in between a telephoto lens and a camera, the offered magnification of focal length of TC-1401 is 1.4 times and that of TC-2001 is 2 times respectively. Both models incorporate SLD (Special Low Dispersion) glass elements that offer excellent aberration correction. It is exceptional for a lens accessory to use one of the best glass materials, yet this is because Sigma is seeking for the best image quality, and it is necessary to meet the new "SGV" standards. It is suitable for professional use since its durable construction is dust and splash-proof. It is compact and light, and provides easy extension of focal range.
Sigma C 150-600mm DG OS HSM for Sigma with TC-1401
  • Lens Construction
    20 Elements in 14 Groups
  • Angle of View
  • Number of Diaphragm Blades
  • Mininum Aperture
  • Minimum Focusing Distance
    280 cm / 110.2 in
  • Filter Size (mm)
  • Maximum Magnifications
  • Dimensions
  • (Diameter x Length)
    105x260.1mm/ 4.1x10.2in
  • Weight
    1930g/ 68oz.
  • Corresponding Mounts
    Sigma DG OS HSM
    Nikon DG OS HSM
    Canon DG OS HSM


Lens Construction        7 elements in 5 groups
Shooting Range and Shooting Ratio        1.4 times of magnification from original lens
Dimensions (Diameter × Length)        F69.8mm × 25.0mm/2.7in. × 1.0in.
Weight        190g/6.7oz.
Sigma C 150-600mm DG OS HSM for Sigma with TC-1401
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Sigma C 150-600mm DG OS HSM for Sigma with TC-1401
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Sigma C 150-600mm DG OS HSM for Sigma with TC-1401

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Sigma C 150-600mm DG OS HSM for Sigma with TC-1401

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