compagnon "the beewax" care product

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  • 100 % biologische Lederpflege
  • Schadstoff- & chemiefrei
  • Ideale Pflege für jedes compagnon Leder
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compagnon "the beewax" care product

The beewax Leather Care by compagnon

Leather care based on natural bee wax, made by compagnon specifically for our compagnon leather.
The best way to give back some love for the compagnon who tackles life with you year after year.

•    How is the compagnon “bee waxLeather Care” made?

This leather care product, tailored towards our buffalo leather, is made by ourselves according to a top secret recipe. It is 100% natural and is based on regional bee wax and a special oil we can’t tell you more about
The father of Co-Founder Vitalis is a beekeeper so we get the wax straight from his garden. Just the place where we cooked the first batch of “compagnon bee wax” over a camp fire…

•    Why did we start making our own leather care product?

We got a lot of mails asking how to maintain the look and feel of our camera bags. The kind of leather we use is sturdy and does not need to much care but if something is worth doing it, it is worth doing it right. Usually we recommended a few products by other manufacturers.
Since you never really know what is in those products, considering how often you touch and hold your camera bag, have it close to you, we couldn’t help but make our own just to be sure. Since there is natural bee wax right in our backyard, how couldn’t we…

•    How do you use “the bee wax”?

Its fairly simple, just use any rag you got left lying around. It works best if it’s not too soft, a piece is coarse linen works great. Take some of it out and rub it into the leather. There is nothing to go wrong and it’ll dry on its own. A child can do it. Literally.

•    How often can I use the product?

We started using it on the light brown messenger of Co-Founder Valentin after it had been on daily duty for almost one year. It was still enough to get this compagnon smiling. Even if you chose to pamper your compagnon more often, one can of “the bee wax” will easily last two years! We assume it will be enough to treatyour messenger 10-15 times over.
Content: around 120 gr
compagnon "the beewax" care product
compagnon "the beewax" care product
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compagnon "the beewax" care product
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compagnon "the beewax" care product

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